Cava Educator Advanced Level Certified (Live on-site course)

Introduction to the course and explanation of the methodology applied and rules to obtain the Cava Educator Advanced Level diploma from the Cava Academy.


Course price: 290€

  • Pre-enrolment free


If you have come this far, your passion for Cava goes beyond simply enjoying a glass of this sparkling wine that sparks so much passion around the world. We welcome you to an open book, dedicated to learning more about the secrets and qualities of Cava.

The aim of this course is for you to become a Cava Educator with an advanced level, not only to enjoy this unique sparkling wine more, but also so that you can transmit this knowledge in your line of work, if you are a professional sommelier or dedicated to the world of wines; or for personal tastings and enjoyment, shared with friends and family.

In the following course, first live on-site, you will find and experience everything a Cava Educator needs to know: the history of Cava, the Designation of Origin, its Regulatory Council, the traditional production method, grape varieties permitted, origins and zoning, types and styles, classification, how to enjoy it, in addition to its multiple pairings and its great link with gastronomy.

We will also share all the news on the Cava D.O., such as the new segmentation and zoning regulations, which are one more example of the excellent quality of this D.O. You will learn to recognize all the different types and styles of Cava, in addition to distinguishing them from the rest of the world’s sparkling wines.

This course takes a face-to-face approach, starting at the Regulatory Council with a complete Masterclass and an exclusive blind tasting activity prepared for the occasion.

Moreover, the course also includes five guided experiences at different Cava wineries that will allow you to learn the Cava basis from a practical perspective, meet the producers and see what is behind each bottle: a world of culture, architecture, history, tradition, landscape and gastronomy. At the end of the course, you will have to test your knowledge on a final exam before receiving your Educator Advanced Level diploma in the closure ceremony.

Thus, once you finish the course will know Cava inside and out, its background and types, as well as being able to recognize them in tastings, making you a true Cava ambassador.



The course will be held on-site in Cava region from Thursday 8th to Friday 9th February.

The estimated duration of the course is approximately 18 hours.



The price of this on-site course is: €290.

It includes: Intern transfers within Cava region, winery guided visits and tastings, 3 meals and one night accommodation in the heart of the region.



February 9th

Welcome session at D.O. Cava
Cava Masterclass & Blind tasting category session

Guided visit & lunch at a Guarda Superior Paraje Calificado winery

Guided visit to a sustainable and integral producer Cava winery

Fun disgorge workshop activity at a Cava Winery 

Dinner at the hotel 

February 10th


Visit to a Cava laboratory guided by an oenologist

Gastronomic Cava experience right next to the vineyards


Final exam & closure session



- Pre-enrolment: Open from 10th to 30th November.

- Evaluation of applications and selection of profiles: from 1st to 6th December.

- Registration: €290. Registration and payment: from 6th to 21th December.

- Course dates: From 8th to 9th February 2024 (Check program).

- Limited number of places available.

- Language of the course: English



*For safety reasons a rapid antigen test may be asked on-site. The course will follow all COVID safety measures stated by the local public entities at the time.
The agenda is subject to change or cancellation taking in consideration the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic requirements.

Due to the limited number of places, a careful selection of profiles will be made by the Cava Academy Committee formed by representatives of the Cava Regulatory Board and an external consultant according to the following criteria: Experience in the sector 40%, relevance to their current professional activity 30%, representativeness of the institution/organization to which they belong 30%. The selection will be based on the curriculum provided by each participant at the time of pre-registration for the course.


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