Spreading knowledge of CAVA around the world

The dissemination of the culture associated with Cava is an important mission for the Cava Designation of Origin.

Unquestionably, our Cavas reveal the identity and richness of our land, a territory that we respect and value highly. This means that training is an essential tool for the D.O., both for enjoyment and for communicating in-depth knowledge.

The Cava Academy was created as a meeting point for international training professionals with considerable experience of teaching about these quality Spanish sparkling wines.

A perfect opportunity which is available to those who wish to dive into deeper, and discover the history and personalities behind a glass of Cava.

Cava Academy

We are pleased to offer the first edition of the Cava Academy Online, the only specific training course about Cava offered by the Cava Designation of Origin.

Applications are open to this course that aims to give any professional or wine-lover the opportunity to learn, and to expand their knowledge, about such a special product.

The Cava Academy training programme is a unique opportunity that will unlock a whole raft of possibilities. The exclusive programme allows everyone to enjoy the world of Cava; the territory, the painstaking production process using the traditional method, as well as the diversity of flavours of each type of Cava.

Once you have completed and passed the course, you will have acquired a solid knowledge of Cava, as well as becoming a recognised Cava Educator and part of the Cava Academy Alumni community.

In addition, for those who want to go further and gain the title of Cava Expert, once they have finished the course, they can submit a thesis on one of the themes proposed each year.


The Cava Academy is a 100% online course that allows you to study at your own pace, learning about and enjoying Cava whenever, and wherever, is most convenient for you.


You will have access to a wide knowledge base about Cava. In addition to the course contents, you will be able to access a range of resources such as the Cava glossary, the latest news, and economic data.


A flexible and informative course, it is divided into modules that will help you to progress in your learning. You will have a wide variety of multimedia resources to facilitate understanding, such as videos, interactive tests/quizzes, summaries, glossaries, graphs and revision exercises.

Tailored to your needs

Whatever your current level of knowledge of Cava, in this course you will find content that is suitable for you, including news and fascinating little-known facts. The final exam will allow you to evaluate what you have learned throughout the course, and to take an overview of this exclusive training.

Enlightening Cava tastings

You will have on hand a collection of videos by renowned Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine, who will guide you through the exciting experience of a Cava tasting. A selection of Cavas delivered to your home address will make the experience highly rewarding.

Participation of prestigious professionals

The contents of the courses includes the participation of prestigious professionals such as the renowned sommelier Ferran Centelles, collaborator of elBulliFoundation and correspondent in Spain for Jancis Robinson, and the acclaimed Pedro Ballesteros Master of Wine, adding further value to the tasting experience. In the gastronomic field, the participation of the Basque Culinary Center transports us to the versatile world of Cava pairing, exploring different matches with cuisines from around the world. A unique experience within your reach, so that you can enjoy yourself while learning.

Are you ready to delve into the exciting world of Cava?

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