Cava Educator Certificate 9th call

Introduction to the course and explanation of the methodology applied and rules to obtain the Cava Educator diploma from the Cava Academy.


Course price: 168€

  • Pre-enrolment free


If you have come this far, your passion for Cava goes beyond simply enjoying a glass of this sparkling wine that sparks so much passion around the world. We welcome you to an open book, in online format, dedicated to learning more about the secrets and qualities of Cava.

The aim of this course is for you to become a Cava Trainer, not only to enjoy this drink more, but also so that you can transmit this knowledge in your line of work, if you are a professional sommelier or dedicated to the world of wines; or for personal tastings and enjoyment, shared with friends and family.

In the following course, divided into 8 blocks, you will find everything a Cava Trainer needs to know: the history of Cava, the Designation of Origin, its Regulatory Council, the traditional production method, grape varieties permitted, origins and zoning, types and styles, classification, how to enjoy it, in addition to its multiple pairings and its great link with gastronomy.

We will also share all the news on the Cava D.O., such as the new segmentation and zoning regulations, which are one more example of the excellent quality of this D.O. You will learn to recognize all the different types and styles of Cava, in addition to distinguishing them from the rest of the world’s sparkling wines.

In each module you will find a review test that will help you reinforce your knowledge so that you can pass the final exam. You will be able to review the modules as many times as necessary. There is no rush, but you will need to make an effort to pass it, thereby receiving your reward: becoming a Cava Educator and enjoying this drink even more.

Although this course takes a digital approach, it also includes a hands-on, Cava tasting part. Thus, once the course is finished you will know Cava inside and out, its background and types, as well as being able to recognize them in tastings, making you a true Cava ambassador.


The estimated duration of the course is approximately 12 hours.


The theoretical part is passed once each and every one of the course modules has been completed. The final test will consist of 30 questions. To pass, and obtain the diploma, you must score at least 80%.


The practical module features a tasting video through which you can expand your knowledge about serving, preserving and tasting different types and styles of Cavas.

The selection of Cavas and tasting has been carefully selected by the Cava Academy tasting committee, of which Pedro Ballesteros, MW is a member. Enrolment includes the delivery of the Cava Academy kit to your home, which contains 6 types of Cavas from different brands*:

  • 1 Cava de Guarda from Parxet
  • 1 Cava de Guarda Superior Reserva from Mascaró
  • 1 Cava de Guarda Superior Gran Reserva from Avinyó
  • 1 Cava de Guarda Superior Rosé from Agustí Torelló Mata
  • 1 Cava de Guarda Superior single varietal from Juvé & Camps
  • 1 Cava Cuvée Especial (special selection) from Freixenet


- Pre-enrolment: free. Open from 8th to 23rd January.

- Evaluation of applications and selection of profiles: from 24th to 29th January.

- Registration: €168. Registration and payment: from 30th January to 15th February.

- Course closing: 5th of May.

- Limited number of places available: 40.


*Shipping of Cavas is subject to the shipping restrictions in force in each country. Currently Cavas shipping will not be available in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Dubai, Cartagena de Indias, Perú, Belgrado, African countries, United Arab Emirates, Central and South American countries, most Asian countries, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

  • This module kicks off the course with an introduction to Cava, taking a look at its history and background, and its current position in the world, as well as explaining the creation of the Cava Designation of Origin, which is the consumer's guarantee of quality today.

  • This module is all about climate and geography, the vine cycle, planting densities and yields, the types of grapes suitable for making Cava, diseases that affect the vines, and the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment in D.O. Cava.

  • This module introduces the Cava production process from beginning to end, and the different stages of the harvest: pressing, first fermentation, coupage, clarification, tirage, second fermentation, the dosage or expedition liqueur, disgorgement, the finishing touches, and bottling.

  • This module covers contents related to yeasts, including the importance of Cava ageing, the process of autolysis and its organoleptic function.

  • This module presents the classification of Cava according to its sugar content or expedition liqueur, and the categories and types of Cava based on ageing. We’ll also be exploring the premium category of Cava de Guarda Superior de Paraje Calificado, the quality seals (marchamos) and the regulations and quality standards that make Cava a truly excellent product.

  • This module looks at how to serve Cava, explaining how to keep it at the right temperature, and which is the ideal type of glass to drink it in. You’ll have the opportunity to taste the Academy’s Cavas under the expert guidance of Pedro Ballesteros MW via a series of video tutorials.

  • In this module is all about enjoying Cava with food, studying the pairings and harmonies that give it a unique versatility.

  • Test your knowledge by successfully completing the 30-question final exam.

  • If you like research work, choose the topic of your thesis and start your studies now with a view to obtaining the maximum Cava Expert certification.


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