Cava Expert Certificate

If you want to go further in your knowledge of Cava and obtain the highest certification, find out more about the Cava Expert Certificate.


In order to obtain this certification, we recommend that you first complete the Cava Educator course.

For anyone who wants to go further in their knowledge of Cava, we offer the possibility of presenting a written piece of work, in thesis format, on one of the following three topics:


Topic 1

The future of the Cava category in an international context.

Topic 2

Communicating the new segmentation and zoning regulations to the consumer.

Topic 3

De-seasonalisation as an opportunity to increase the consumption of Cava.

The thesis must develop one of the proposed themes selected by the student according to his/her preference, in addition to the following requirements established by the D.O. Cava:

  • Minimum number of pages: 10.
  • Maximum number of pages: 35.
  • Content must be objective and based on data and tests carried out, and not on personal prejudices.
  • It must be unique and original, avoiding plagiarism, and be clear and precise.
  • Accepted formats: Microsoft Word and PDF.
  • Languages allowed: Catalan, Spanish or English.

The theses will be carefully evaluated by the Cava Academy Committee, formed by representatives of the Cava Regulatory Board and an external consultant, according to the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the piece of work 25%.
  • Objectivity and clarity of the writing 25%.
  • Degree of representation of the subject matter, complemented with data contribution 25%.
  • Achievable with high implementation power 25%

In order to take this course, it is recommended that the student has previously taken the Cava Trainer course. Students will be able to present their work throughout the year, with a deadline of 28th February 2023. The results will be made public in March. The thesis that achieves the best marks will receive a special mention in the D.O. Cava press releases and a participation in the Cava Academy in person session with a visit to the region on behalf of the D.O. Cava*.

In case that the thesis submitted do not follow the minimum requirements mentioned above, they will not be considered for evaluation and the student will be offered the possibility of modifying his/her thesis for a second final revision in order to achieve the Cava Expert Certificate.

*Costs included: accommodation, meals and access to the participating wineries during the period of the on-site course.

Enrolment: free of charge

  • If you like research work, choose the topic of your thesis and start your studies now with a view to obtaining the maximum Cava Expert certification.


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